3 Best 4th of July Games To Play Outdoors!

3 Best 4th of July Games To Play Outdoors!

Throwing a stellar 4th of July party can be a challenge for many people. There are a lot of moving pieces to handle and settle so that your party is fun for everyone. Even if you’ve got your food, drinks, and ambiance all figured out, your party won't be a success without fun games and backyard activities to fill the time.

The Best 4th of July Backyard Party Games

Having the right backyard games can make all the difference when facilitating play and fun at your 4th of July party. Here are a few of the best party games to enjoy in your backyard this Fourth of July and all summer long.

  1. TowerBall
  2. Chippo
  3. Bottle Bash

#1) TowerBall

The first backyard party game that will be perfect for your 4th of July is TowerBall. TowerBall is a Caliber Games original that takes classic ball toss backyard games up a notch. TowerBall starts with our pyramid-shaped tower, featuring four sides with holes of decreasing sizes for increased difficulty.

4th of July Party Games featuring TowerBall

How To Play TowerBall

Playing the game is simple:

  1. You start by gathering your teams or individual players ten feet or so away from the tower. 
  2. Teams or individuals then take turns tossing four balls at side one, with one large hole in the center. Each ball through the hole scores one point.
  3. Once every person or team has completed their four throws on side one, you take turns of four tosses again on side two, with two slightly smaller holes. This time, you will score two points for every ball scored. 
  4. This will continue around the four sides of the tower until all four sides have been completed and the team or individual with the highest score wins.
  5. If there is a tie, a sudden death round occurs on side four, with the first individual or team to make a shot on a turn where the opposite team or individual did not win. 

It is simple, easy to learn, and fun for all ages, from children to adults. Plus, there are plenty of other ways to play. Check out our game guide for TowerBall here to see a few other ways you can play for even more fun from your TowerBall Bundle.

#2) Chippo

If you are someone who likes bags (or perhaps you call it corntoss or cornhole where you are from) and you are also a lover of golf, then Chippo is for you. Chippo, available in our Brands You Love Collection, has been making a splash in the world of backyard games.

4th of July Party Games Golf Game Chippo

Your Chippo board is going to look a lot like a typical cornhole board, with a few pretty big changes. First, you will notice the board is covered in artificial turf and features three holes, one large central and two smaller holes in the corners.

How To Play Chippo

The aim of the game is simple: Score more points by chipping your golf balls into holes on the board. 

  1. Set up your boards fifteen feet apart and break up into two teams. 
  2. Each team will take turns chipping their golf balls towards the other team's board.
  3. Hitting the board earns you one point, making a ball into the large center hole scores you three points, and sinking a ball into either of the smaller corner cups nets you five points.
  4. Just like cornhole, it is a race to twenty-one.

The best part about Chippo is that you can truly play it anywhere, from the tailgate to the beach and even indoors. 

Chippo comes with six high-density foam balls which will react to your chipper but won't break a window, dent your car, or cause serious injuries. Your Fourth of July party can only get better when you bring Chippo into the mix.

#3) Bottle Bash

If you are a frisbee fan, then Bottle Bash is the perfect backyard game for you this Fourth of July. Bottle Bash is another one of our Brands You Love games, mashing up disc golf, horseshoes, and even a little element of cricket to make things extra fun.

4th of July Party Games playing Bottle Bash with friends

How To Play Bottle Bash

The aim of the game is to knock the bottle off of the pole:

  1. You’ll start setup by placing both of the metal poles in the ground so that they are stable and secure. 
  2. Then place the bottles on top of the poles and place the teams next to their poles. 
  3. The teams will take turns being on offense, meaning they will throw the frisbee. 
  4. The defensive team may not touch the frisbee before it touches the pole, but once it touches the pole, the defensive team must try to catch both the frisbee and the bottle before they touch the ground. 
  5. Two points are awarded to the offensive team if the bottle hits the ground before being caught, and one point if the frisbee touches the ground before being caught.

Set a points goal and battle it out until one side rules the roost. This game is a riot because it is infinitely replayable and keeps you engaged on both offense and defense, which few backyard games can.

For an extra element of fun, consider placing your poles in the water at the beach or a lake or river, and play in the water. Adding the element of water can help you cool down while staying active outdoors and having fun during your 4th of July party and beyond.

Caliber Games Are Made for Play

Caliber Games is built on our dedication to in-person play experiences that emphasize interpersonal connection, fun, and play. Play is about more than just being active, it’s about allowing your inner child to come out and explore, and our games strive to help people of all ages unlock their play state.

TowerBall is one of our classic and best-selling games that you and your family will love. TowerBall is a bit of a twist on your classic bag toss or cornhole, with different levels of difficulty and many different ways to play for fun in the backyard.

Chippo is great for golf lovers. Based on the classic cornhole game, but with a few twists, Chippo combines working on your short game with competitive backyard play. Take turns chipping towards your opponent's board trying to score the most points. 

Or, if frisbee is your jam, Bottle Bash is the perfect 4th of July backyard game for you. Combining elements of offense and defense to keep both teams engaged through the whole game.

We encourage you to explore them and let yourself find a play state this 4th of July, whatever backyard games are calling out to you.

4th of July Party Games: Takeaways

Nothing has the potential to make or break your 4th of July backyard bashes like the backyard games you set up for your friends, family, and guests. You need to offer activities that draw people in and help them have fun together to foster community and value the in-person connections that active play brings.

Browse all our Games for more family game ideas for the 4th of July.


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