3 Backyard Golf Games that Everyone Can Enjoy

3 Backyard Golf Games that Everyone Can Enjoy

Not everyone can live on a golf course. It may sound ideal but not realistic; there would have to be a lot more golf courses out there for everyone to get a spot on a course somewhere. 

Nevertheless, you can still enjoy golf in your backyard, even if your backyard isn’t distinguished from a number 1-18. There are exciting golf games to play and share with your favorite people right in your backyard. Here are 3 of our favorites; give them a shot!

Top Backyard Golf Ideas

When it comes to backyard golf games, there are three names that you need to know. They’re the three games that will turn your backyard into an exciting golf playground. It’s somewhere between living on a golf course and having a putt-putt emporium in your backyard. 

  • Backyard Golf Game
  • Chippo
  • PutterBall

The Backyard Golf Game

Family playing the backyard golf game

 The Backyard Golf Game lets you let it fly in the backyard and enjoy time outside with friends and family. It’s an exciting way to play golf right at home and allows you to swing all out. It's also adaptable for any skill level and can be used as an effective learning and practice tool to get your golf swing smooth as silk.

The game comes with three different-sized hoops, a turf mat to hit from, and twenty-four plastic Wiffle golf balls. Oh, and a premium carrying case to keep everything when you’re not playing or transporting it to wherever the next game goes. 

There are several setups and ways to play the game. Vary the distance and formation of the rings to accommodate the shot you want to practice or the group's skill level. Follow the provided method of keeping score, or make up your rules to create a unique Backyard Golf Game experience. 


Group of adults playing Chippo backyard golf game at the beach

Chippo combines golf and cornhole, two of America’s favorite pastimes, into an exciting backyard game that everyone will love. Chippo is like Cornhole, except instead of tossing bean bags into the target, you use a golf club and chip golf balls at the target. The game comes with two boards that serve as your targets. 

Each board has three holes lined with mesh, two small ones, and one larger hole. Also included are turf mats to chip from so you don’t leave a divot in your backyard. Chippo comes with six high-density foam balls to assure that no windows are broken and nobody ends up with a golf-ball-sized lump on their head. 

How to Play Chippo

Set up the targets fifteen feet apart from one another. This is the recommended distance, but if you have enough space and feel up for the challenge, go ahead and scoot it back further. 

Players take turns chipping at the target. You get one point for hitting the board, three points for landing the ball in the large hole, and five points if you land it in the smaller holes in the upper corners.

It’s as simple as that; may the best chipper win! Set it up in the backyard and get some friendly wagers going over some golf and barbecue. Bring it with you to the next tailgate and introduce fellow fans and rivals to their favorite new game day tradition. 

Set up on the beach and practice chipping out of the sand. Foam balls mean you can set up and play safely just about anywhere. Now you can practice a crucial part of your golf game at your convenience and in a fun way you’ve never practiced before.

PutterBall Bundle

Group of adults playing Putterball outside

PutterBall is where golf and beer pong meet to create a backyard game everyone will love. It features a turf board that folds up and fits into a quality carrying case for easy and convenient portability. 

That means you can throw it in the back of your car, bring it to the beach or the park, or tuck it out of the way after a backyard session. Along with the putting surface, your PutterBall game comes with two right/lefty double-sided putters, matching golf balls, and hole covers to cover each hole as you sink putts. 

How to Play PutterBall

The goal of PutterBall is to make a putt in each of the six holes on your opponent's side of the putting surface before making six puts into the holes on your side of the board. 

After each putt, you cover the cup with a turf hole cover. That leaves you with one less target after each made putt, and the more intense you get closer to winning the game.

Play it one on one or alternating putts with a teammate. You can also incorporate drinking as part of the game, whether you’re sipping on a Diet Coke (or something a bit stronger).

Don’t be surprised if your putting game improves as you continue to play PutterBall. Most holes are finished out from within ten feet, and putting will make up an average of 40% of your strokes on an 18-hole course, regardless of your total score.

Why Is Backyard Golf So Much Fun?

  1. It’s affordable fun
  2. You can improve your short game
  3. You can share golf with others

The benefits of having a backyard golf game to set up in your backyard might knock your socks off from right under your golf shoes. If you’re serious about golf, fun, and making sweet memories with others— you simply can’t afford to have a backyard golf game to play. Here’s why.

Adults having fun playing outdoor golf game

It’s Affordable Fun

Golf is usually an expensive sport. Green fees can easily cost over $75, and that doesn’t include equipment necessary to play, the drinks you’ll buy from the beverage cart, and the money you’ll lose betting your friends. 

If you have a backyard golf game, you can repeatedly play without the green fees, and all your friends and family can also play for free. 

You Can Improve Your Short Game

A proverb among golfers goes like this: Drive for show, putt for dough. It means that you can be great at hitting the ball a long way, but it doesn’t end up helping your score unless you can follow it up with a strong short game.

Backyard golf games can help you improve your short game. Since most backyards won’t accommodate a 300-yard drive, backyard golf games focus on chipping and putting. Improve this area of your game, and you may start seeing some of that dough the old golfing phrase eludes to. Get hooked on a backyard golf game, and you’ll get tons of repetitions to help improve your short game.

You Can Share Golf with Others

Since golf is usually expensive and requires pricey equipment, it’s not the easiest game to share with all your friends and family. However, with backyard golf, you can invite people to join you for some friendly competition and share the sport you love at your convenience.

Golf with the whole family became much more affordable, and backyard barbeques got many more golfers.

Introducing people to golf in the backyard is a great way to get them into the sport. Sure, there are mini-golf and golfing ranges, but it’s much easier to focus and feel comfortable enough to learn something and take to the game in a backyard setting.

To parents who love the game, you’ll probably never get as much time to golf as you’d like, seeing that you’re taking care of children and all. However, one of your best chances to find yourself swinging the golf club more often is getting your kids hooked! Then you can spend quality time with the kiddos sharing something you love. 


There’s tons of golfing fun and practice in your backyard. Between PutterBall, Chippo, and the Backyard Golf Game, you can practice every shot you’d hit out on the course. Play the game you love right from home and share it with your favorite people; it’s sure to be a hit!

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