5 Family Beach Games Everyone Can Play This Summer

Our beach game recommendations are perfect for adults & kids alike. See the 5 different beach games you need to try this summer for hours of fun!
5 Family Beach Games Everyone Can Play This Summer

Imagine; you’re on the beach— a million miles away from the stress of daily life. You’re soaking up the sun, breaking a sweat playing your favorite beach games, and taking a dip in the ocean to cool off. Beach games are a great way to enjoy family bonding and make lasting memories through friendly competition. 

This brief guide features fresh beach games that the whole family will love. Together they represent the next wave of family fun for the upcoming beach season.

What Is HOKU?

HOKU is a modern take on classic toss games played by throwing wooden throwing stars at a rubberwood game board. Each player gets three tosses per round and scores points by being the closest to the center or by breaking the plane of the notches in the game board with a corner of their star. 

You can win with a magic touch or a little luck. That means the playing field is pretty even (and a seven-year-old could very well take down a thirty-seven-year-old).

Hoku beach game by Caliber Games

It’s a little bit like horseshoes, a little bit like cornhole, and a lot a bit fun for everyone. HOKU is easy to transport, simple to set up, and quick to learn. It also happens to be extremely well made and aesthetically pleasing as well. The solid wood construction is a sealed varnish finish that looks clean and inviting and is backed by a lifetime warranty. 

You Can Play HOKU on the Beach

You’ll love it in your backyard, but it goes to a new level when you bring it to the beach. Not only is the setting enjoyable, but it also makes for an exciting game experience. The sandy playing surface might take some getting used to if you sharpened your skills playing on grass.

You can map out different tossing locations by drawing marks in the sand, utilize the space found on an open stretch of beach for long-distance tosses, and bury the loser in the sand! (lovingly, of course). 

What Is TowerBall? 

(Cornhole + Skee-Ball) X 4 = TowerBall

If you’re a fan of Cornhole or Skee-Ball, then you’re going to go nuts over TowerBall. It’s similar, but instead of aiming at a flat laying target, you are tossing at a four-sided tower or pyramid. Side one has one large hole. Side two has two slightly smaller holes. Side three: three even smaller ones, and although side four has the most holes, they are the smallest and most difficult to make it into.

Towerball beach game by Caliber Games

 There are several techniques you can try out. You can go for the classic underhand toss. Or maybe you were a little league all-star and want to fire it in there with some heat. Or perhaps you want to arc it in there with a Steph Curry rainbow. 

Whichever technique you go for, it sure is satisfying when it goes in.

TowerBall Easily Goes From the Family Room to the Beach

The soft hacky sack-style balls are indoor friendly. It’s a great way for the kids to do something fun inside that doesn’t involve a screen. The family can sit in coaches and shoot from all sides of the 360 board if you have an accommodating living room. 

But it’s also made for outdoor use, and the beach is a fantastic place to play.

The four-sided pyramid collapses flat and fits into a nifty backpack carrying case for easy transportation. All of the materials are completely weatherproof, meaning you can play on the beach or in the pool with no problem, and even in the rain if the competition is too intense to put on pause. 

What Is Crossnet? 

Crossnet is the intersection of volleyball and foursquare. It’s what would happen if volleyball and foursquare had a baby. It features a net in the shape of a plus sign and staked in boundaries dividing the playing field into four even squares. One player fills each square, and a four-way volleyball battle commences!

Adults playing Crossnet beach game

The player in square four starts the rally by serving diagonally to the player in square two. After the ball is served, it can be played to any of the other three squares. Hit it in the net, out of bounds, or let the ball drop in your square, and you go back to square one (or wait in the line). 

The goal is to work your way up to square four, which is where you serve and the only box where you can score points. 

Playing Crossnet at the Beach

While you can set up Crossnet in the backyard, at the park, or even in the pool, the beach is the best possible location. Bring Crossnet to the beach, and you can make diving efforts like a beach volleyball champion!

Crossnet includes a four-way net that is adjustable to three different heights (ideal for men, women, and children, respectively. It comes with stakes, boundary lines, a volleyball, and even a pump as well. The whole thing fits in a backpack, which is also included and takes only five minutes to set up.

For younger children, a blow-up beach ball is a great substitution for volleyball as it will slow down the game a bit and make it easier for them to achieve long rallies.

Crossnet is a whole new reason to go to the beach and a sure way to get the gang active and enjoy a fun time in the sunshine. 

What Is Bottle Bash?

Bottle Bash tests your accuracy with a frisbee, the quickness of your hands, and communication between you and your partner. It’s a two versus two game. Each team has a bottle set up on top of an aluminum pole stuck in the ground. 

Adults playing Bottle Bash Beach Game

The goal is to try and knock down the opponent's bottle by throwing a frisbee and hitting the bottle or the pole. If it’s your opponent's turn to throw the frisbee, you and your partner try to catch both the frisbee and the bottle.

This is where communication comes into play. One player has to catch the bottle, the other player has to catch the frisbee, and it’s best if you know who’s doing what!

Points are awarded each time you knock down your opponent's bottle or if they fail to catch the frisbee.

Play Bottle Bash on the Beach

Bottle Bash is a great beach game because it’s casual, easy to transport and set up, and it’s a unique game that you can’t help but enjoy. Something about the beach and frisbee just tends to go together well, and you can add an extra challenge (and extra vibes) by occupying one hand with a drink to sip on throughout the competition.

Make some fun family memories and have a blast playing Bottle Bash on the beach! It might be the highlight of your next beach vacation or trip to the lake. 

Caliber Games Cornhole

In a world full of options and choices, sometimes you just need to go back to what you know and love, like The Beatles or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. 

Or Cornhole.

Caliber Games provides you with new and exciting backyard games and offers a standard regulation Cornhole Boards Bundle. It might even inspire you to chase after a Cornhole world record.

Cornhole by Caliber Games

Made with a classic design and customizable varnished wood tops, your Cornhole competition on this board will be impressive even if nobody can sink a shot. It features cabinet-grade board tops, pine board frames, 8 bean bags, drawstring tote, and zip-up carrying case.

Let the Fun Begin!

Gotta bring games to the beach! You just have to. The beach is one of nature's best playgrounds, and playgrounds are made for playing games. Whether you’re diving in the sand, playing Crossnet, tossing a wooden throwing star in HOKU, bashing down bottles with a frisbee, sinking shots in TowerBall or Cornhole— the whole point is you’re with your family on the beach! 

The sunshine and warm sand are waiting for you! Visit Caliber Games now for all of our fun products.


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