Four Fun Games for Two People To Build Quality Time

Four Fun Games for Two People To Build Quality Time

Play is one of the best ways you can spend quality time. The best and healthiest relationships include fun, laughter-filled playtime — it’s true for both adults and children. A fun new game that two people can play is a great way to connect over something you both enjoy. 

Quality time, shared mutually between two or more people doing something worthwhile, is the substance of our relationships. In hindsight, quality time is when our most cherished memories come to pass. It’s essential between parents and children as they grow up. It’s also the time when your best friends become your best friends. Sometimes, it’s when you fall in love.

Here are four fun party games that two people can play together for quality time full of laughter, excitement, and friendly competition.

  1. Giant Dice Game
  2. Giant 4-In-A-Row
  3. Chippo
  4. PutterBall

Giant Dice Game: Yardzee & Farkle Giant Dice Set 

Promotional image of Yardzee & Farkle Giant Dice Set with game card in the background a fun game for two people

You can play several games with just two people and a set of dice. Dice have been around for a while. For example, the Greek playwright Sophocles believed that dice were invented during the siege of Troy.

Now, most historians agree that even earlier civilizations played dice-like games with dice made from things like knuckle bones. Rolling dice is about as OG as it gets for a simple family fun game night.

Despite the history of dice reaching back into ancient civilizations, basic dice games have never been as exciting as they are now. With this giant wooden dice set from Swooc Games, you can expand the fun from the card table to the backyard, the park, the beach, or anywhere you want to take the pleasure of dice games to the next level. 

The Yardzee and Farkle Giant Dice Set come with six beautiful wooden jumbo dice. Your typical dice cup is replaced with a matching wooden bucket to accommodate the size of the dice. Let your good luck pour out in buckets during your next game of dice.

The whole set is luxurious, satisfying to the touch, and surprisingly light for its scale and high-quality build. 

Play 20 different games with this giant dice set, and keep score on the reusable score cards that come with it. It’s a great way to spend the afternoon enjoying fun and easygoing quality time with someone you care about.

Big Game, Big Fun: Giant 4-In-A-Row

Woman smiling sitting next to Giant Four-in-a-row outdoor game with dimensions of the game shown

Here’s another example of one of the best board games that reach new heights of excitement when played on a larger scale. Most people are familiar with the four-in-a-row, two-player board game.

It’s a recognizable strategy game like Battleship that kids used to play at the after-school daycare before video games. The game takes very little explanation. Unlike challenging card games or Monopoly or word games like Bananagrams and Scrabble, Giant 4-In-A-Row can be played by anyone and is fun right away. 

Revisiting one of the best two-player games on a giant scale is like approaching it for the first time. Adult gamers become kids again and are just as excited about the big game as the little ones who are shorter than the board itself. 

The large scale and the look and feel of the finished poplar wood make this Giant-4-In-A-Row game an excellent option for any two people looking to spend quality time together. The dynamics of the gameplay change dramatically with the scale since you’re fully immersed in the game. Step back to see the whole board, select your option, and then approach the council to drop your disc and see it slide down into position. 

Enjoy this two-person game as part of a backyard picnic with a loved one, as an exciting indoor activity if rain changes your plans, or as entertainment you brought to a destination hangout spot in the included canvas carrying case. 

Quality Time With Backyard Golf: Chippo 

Guy taking his first swing while playing Chippo, friends in the background laughing and having fun

This one is great for spending quality time and simultaneously working on your short game. Chippo is a game that combines Cornhole with golf. Take turns chipping at your target and scoring points when you hit the board or chip it into one of the three nets on the board. 

Along with the netted target boards, Chippo comes with six high-density foam balls and two turf mats to hit from. Foam balls mean that you don’t have to worry about breaking the neighbors' window or someone going home with an egg-sized bump on their head. Turf mats allow you an ideal playing surface no after where you set up the game — they also ensure that you don’t divot up the yard.

It is a fun multiplayer game to play head-to-head with someone else, but you can also compete against yourself. You’ll have several repetitions at the same shot, an excellent way to challenge yourself and an efficient way to work on your golf swing and touch with a pitching wedge. 

If the competition is close, you might need to put something on the line. Does the winner get dinner? Do they pay the next green fee when you head to the 18-hole course? 

PutterBall: The Exciting Head-to-Head Putting Race 

Woman smiling and having fun playing PutterBall at the park

 Another excellent game for golf fans to spend quality time working on their craft — or for golf newbies to get their feet wet - is PutterBall. Anyone can play PutterBall, from scratch golfers to complete beginners.

It takes inspiration from pong cup games, dropping the table to the floor, and replacing the pong toss with a golf putt. Instead of aiming for plastic cups, you put them into classic golf holes and cover the hole with a turf insert each time you make one. The first player to fill up all their cups wins.

You can play in pairs, two vs. two, but one vs. one works just as well. You’ll get even more practice and a better rhythm with your putter. Before long, you’ll be locked in from 10 feet.

Pack PutterBall into its carrying case and bring it somewhere with a scenic view or relaxing vibe. Set it upright in the backyard (even better when you set it up along with Chippo). Place it right in the TV room as you watch the best players in the world play golf on the screen. Wherever you play PutterBall, you undoubtedly share in some fun with your competition and push each other towards a better short game. 


The quality time you share with the people in your life is priceless. Seek moments to appreciate the people you care about by spending quality time with them and introducing them to exciting games you can play together. These two jumbo versions of classic games and two backyard golf games are the perfect games for playing one-on-one and finding the quality time you can enjoy again and again. 

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