Four Giant Yard Games for Your Next BBQ Party

Four Giant Yard Games for Your Next BBQ Party

Few events can bring a family or community together, like a classic backyard barbecue. Good food, cold drinks, sunshine, and an afternoon of laughs are pretty much universally loved. And with football season having just begun, there has never been a better excuse to get the gang together for a barbecue.

Not all backyard barbecues are created equally, however. One element that can take your next BBQ party to a whole new level is some super fun giant yard games. People of all ages and abilities are going to love the friendly competition that these games can bring out of you. 

#1) Timber Tower

Promotional image of Timber Tower a giant block stacking yard game

The first giant yard game that is sure to be a classic at your next BBQ party is Timber Tower! Timber Tower is a gigantic twist on the classic tower game, where you try to keep the tower balanced while removing bricks each round. Timber Tower is outdoor sized for life-sized fun, giving you a childhood fantasy come to life.

Set It Up

Setting up Timber Tower requires a little bit of effort — make sure you are building the tower properly for the best playing experience.

On a flat, level surface, place three blocks next to each other, with the widest sides facing up and down. Then, stack three more on top of the first three, perpendicular to the first.

Repeat until the tower is complete.

Designate Teams

Now, decide on a player to go first. You can play with as many people as you like, but at least two. It is usually polite to let the person who built the tower go first.

Remove Bricks… Carefully

The first player will then select any block below the very top row to remove using only one hand to remove the brick. Your goal is to remove the brick without upsetting the tower and knocking it over. 

You are allowed to test blocks by tapping and pushing on them, but you must return any blocks that you move back to their original position.

Place Bricks Back on Top

If the tower remains standing after you have removed the brick, then you now have to place the brick you removed back on top of the tower as though you were going to build a new layer on top of the tower. This way, as the game keeps going, the tower grows taller.

Players continue taking turns removing and replacing bricks until one person removes a brick that sends the whole tower tumbling over!

Make Memories

Played the same way as the classic tabletop tower games you loved as a child, but on a scale that is perfect for the outdoors. Play with friends, family, or strangers to make new connections at your next BBQ party.

#2) Ladder Toss

Promotional image of 2 Ladder Toss's upright ladder-shaped targets with 3 bolas on each ladder

Ladder Toss is one of those backyard games that has been around in some shape or another for decades, and variations of Ladder Toss exist around the country at tailgates and block parties.

Here at Caliber Games, we make our very own high-quality Ladder Toss Bundle with everything you need for play, storage, and portability so that you can play Ladder Toss wherever you may go. Ladder Toss consists of two ladder frames, which stand up (providing the three perpendicular bars are parallel to the ground).

You then toss bolas (a string with two golf balls at either end), trying to wrap the bola around different ladder rungs to score 21 points before your opponent.

How To Play Ladder Toss: 

  1. Set up the ladders and place them about 15 feet apart. You can adjust this distance based on the age and ability of the players. Decide which team or player will toss first.

  2. The first player (or team) will then toss all three of their bolas consecutively at the ladder, followed by the second team or player tossing their three bolas at the ladder, attempting to wrap the bolas around the rungs of the ladder to score points.

  3. After all six bolas have been tossed, you can score the round. You score three points for each bola on the top rung, two for each bola on the middle rung, and one point for each bola on the bottom rung. Additionally, you can earn a bonus point for scoring all three of your bolas across the same rung or scoring a bola around each different rung. 

  4. After you have scored, walk to the ladder, collect your bolas, and you can now play the next round on that side. The player in the lead at the beginning of the round will toss their bolas first for the round. 

  5. Play continues until one player or team finishes a round with exactly 21 points. If a player or team finishes a round with more than 21 points, then the points they scored that round do not count. They begin the next round with the same amount of points as the previous round. 

  6. In the event of a tie, sudden death rounds ensue until one team holds a two-point lead over the other. 

Ladder toss is super easy to learn but difficult to master. It’s a family-friend game well-suited for all ages and athletic abilities. Ladder Toss is the ultimate addition to your BBQ party. 

#3) PutterBall

Friends hanging out outside playing Putterball a fun yard game that combines golf & beer pong

If there is one thing that belongs with backyard barbecues, it’s golf. There are few things as American as BBQ, games, and golf, and PutterBall can bring the games and golf to any BBQ.

PutterBall combines elements of cup pong with practicing your short game to become a better golfer on the greens. Whether you are a golf pro or have only played putt-putt, PutterBall is going to be fun for you.

The PutterBall Bundle includes the PutterBall portable turf game board, two mini golf putters, two golf balls with the PutterBall logo, 12 turf hole covers, and a premium carrying case.

How To Play PutterBall:

  1. Set up the turf game board across a flat and level surface. Make sure you have removed all 12 turf plugs from the pyramid of holes on each end of the game board. 

  2. Players then go to opposite sides of the game board and take turns putting at their opponent's end. Your goal is to sink all six holes before your opponent does.

  3. When you sink a hole, plug that hole with one of the turf plugs until they are all filled.

  4. The first player to sink all of their holes wins. If both players sink all their holes in the final round, then remove the top three plugs, revealing a triangle. Play sudden death: first to finish wins. 

PutterBall is quick to set up, fast and fun to play, and perfect for people of all skill levels. If you can play minigolf, you can play PutterBall. 

#4) Giant 4-in-A-Row

Friends sitting outside playing giant sized 4-in-a-row game

Many of us know the board game version of 4-in-A-row that we played as children, but for your next BBQ party, you can evoke some late 1970s nostalgia with the giant-sized version.

Giant 4-in-A-Row is simply a large, two feet tall, and three feet wide wooden game board that you know and love, along with giant pieces to go with it and a convenient carrying bag. The rules of 4-in-a-row may be simple to remember, but the game is a constant struggle of strategy where each game is unique.

Giant 4-in-A-Row is an excellent option to flex your mind and your body as you play around the giant game boards. Plus, kids really love seeing their favorite board games on a scale they've never imagined before. You can check out more info about the Giant 4-in-A-Row set we have here.

4 BBQ Party Yard Games: Final Thoughts

There you have it, four backyard games that will make any BBQ a success. Whether you like golf, classic board games, or toss-style yard games, there is something on this list for everyone. With games like these, you will never throw a boring barbecue party ever again.

Timber Tower and Giant 4-in-A-Row are the perfect way to bring your favorite board games to a whole new level and size. With these two games, board game night will never be the same. Or reach for PutterBall when you want to hit the greens or Ladder Toss when you need a nostalgic classic. You can’t go wrong with any of these four games at your barbecue.

If these games don’t suit you, however, you don’t have to worry. We have plenty of other yard games here at Caliber Games that are sure to grab your interest. From original concepts to high-quality versions of yard game staples, we have a little bit of something for every taste. Expand your yard games collection with any of our games that are sure to become your new favorite. 



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