The Best Game Gifts for Teens and Young Adults

Explore the best holiday game gifts for teenagers and young adults available from Caliber Games
The Best Game Gifts for Teens and Young Adults

One of the best gifts you can give a teen or young adult is an excuse to put down their phone and connect with people in real life. Browse this gift guide to find the right games to get your loved ones out in the sun laughing, competing, and making special memories (no screens required).

For Tabletop Fun: HOOKS!® Ring Toss

HOOKS is the easily portable, one v. one tabletop version of the classic “ring on a string” game you’ll find at bars across the country. It’s great for all ages, but young adults are sure to love the straightforward but high-pressure competition.

For Travelers and Campers: TowerBall and Island Shot

For outdoor gamers on the move, portability is crucial. TowerBall and Island Shot both collapse down to manageable sizes and fit neatly into their respective included carrying case. Your giftee will LOVE being able to throw TowerBall over their shoulder in its premium backpack, or toss Island Shot in the beach-friendly mesh carrying bag.

For Athletes: CROSSNET

Whether or not your gift recipient is a volleyballer, CROSSNET is a massive hit among those open to a more athletic backyard game. This foursquare-meets-volleyball is a huge crowdpleaser for anyone looking to get out and move around.

For Backyard Partygoers/Throwers: Ladder Toss and Cornhole

As much as we love new games, some people prefer to stick to the crowd-pleasing classics everyone’s already familiar with. For classic game enthusiasts, reach for these all-time backyard favorites, Ladder Toss and Cornhole, complete with all the accessories and carrying cases.