The Best Game Gifts for Young Kids

Explore the best holiday game gifts for children available from Caliber Games
The Best Game Gifts for Young Kids

Young kids can be easy to shop for in the sense that they enjoy just about anything that’s colorful and comes in a big box. But for those who want to give a gift that keeps the thrill going past Christmas morning, check out these fantastic games. Our games are safe, and build a healthy sense of competition, teamwork, and motor skills. Plus, because these games are fun for all ages, they’re a great way for youngsters to connect and play with the rest of the family.

Kid-Friendly Cornhole - Island Shot

Island Shot is our most parent-approved game. It’s safe, colorful design and smaller size make it the perfect younger-focused alternatives to classic toss games like Cornhole. Our customers have been raving about how Island Shot provides hours of fun for their younger ones.

BIG Family Bonding - TowerBall

TowerBall is the ideal game to get the whole family involved in the fun. The fun, colorful aesthetic is inviting to kids. Premium engineering and materials makes it safe and durable enough for kids to play around with. And best of all, the multiple ways to play make it fun for adults and kids of all ages to have fun playing together.