The Best Game Gifts Under $100

Discover the best gift games for under $100 from Caliber Games.
The Best Game Gifts Under $100

You don’t have to spend crazy money to gift premium games that will delight your friends and family. These games at a more moderate price point are fun to unbox and a blast to play. Pick up Island Shot or HOOKS Ring toss to make Christmas Day merry, even after the unwrapping is done.

Island Shot

Island Shot just might be the best value in this list. 100% weatherproof, ultra portable, easy to learn and play, fun for all ages, and including a lifetime warranty, it’s our top-rated yardgame for a reason. Snag it now to be the hero of Christmas gifting.

HOOKS!® Ring Toss

HOOKS is another fantastic addition to any game collection. It’s the classic “ring on a string” game, compacted into an amazing 1 vs. 1 tabletop competition. Learn more to see why this game is blowing up as a holiday gift.