Tower Toss Game: A Beginner's Guide to TowerBall Bundle

Tower Toss Game: A Beginner's Guide to TowerBall Bundle

TowerBall is a super fun, super cool game that we created right here at Caliber Games. TowerBall gets everyone engaged in real-world, physical play — which is absolutely essential for people of all ages.

TowerBall is a toss game — which makes it out-of-this-world fun. Here’s Caliber Games’ exclusive beginner's guide to the TowerBall Bundle, with all the information you need to get playing now.

What Comes In the TowerBall Bundle?

Inside your TowerBall Bundle, you will find:

  • Collapsible Four-Sided Tower - The four-sided collapsible tower breaks down into the four flat pieces, making for easy setup and teardown.
  • Eight Hackey Style Balls - Hackey-style balls are a perfect size and weight for toss-style games like TowerBall. These balls are weighty enough to provide some resistance while remaining small and light enough for safety and fun. TowerBall Bundle includes 4 blue and 4 green balls (ideal for two players), but you can add additional balls in other colors to expand your gameplay for larger groups.
  • Backpack Carrying Case - You will also find a backpack-style carrying case that holds the pieces of the game in a compact and stylish backpack.
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    The TowerBall Bundle is super compact and simple but comes together to create a world of possibilities.

    How to Set Up TowerBall

    1. Identify each of the four tower sides by the number of holes, one through four. 
    2. Simply connect the interlocking connectors of each panel, one by one, starting from one.
    3. Finally, just place the tower in your playing space. Ensure there is a minimum of ten feet of usable playing space in at least one direction.

    Setup for TowerBall is so simple that you'll be ready to play before you have time to finish this section of the article.

    How to Play TowerBall:

    There are three ways to play TowerBall - giving you three games in one so that you can play over and over again without getting bored.

    View From Inside Of Tower Toss Game Of a Couple Playing

    How to Play TowerBall Classic

    1. Select your colored balls.
    2. Line up two or more players ten feet away from the side with only one hole.
    3. Each player or team gets four tosses. You’ll score one point for each ball that makes it through the hole.
    4. Repeat the first two steps with the second, third, and fourth sides. The teams or players will score two, three, or four points per ball, corresponding with the number of holes on that side of the Tower.
    5. Scores are tallied after all four sides are played. If there is a tie, try a sudden death overtime match. Each team or player takes a turn tossing a ball at side four. The first team to score is the winner. Remember, both teams or players get to take a turn.

    How to Play TowerBall "Around the Tower"

    Around the Tower is the first alternative set of rules for TowerBall. Around the Tower doesn't only require one lucky shot on each side - you have to have the accuracy to boot.

    1. Select your colored balls.
    2. Around the Tower starts the same way as the Classic set, with players spaced at least ten feet away from the Tower.
    3. Each player or team will get four tosses each turn, but instead of staying on one side each turn, you can advance. You advance from one side of the tower to the next by scoring a ball through each hole on that side.
    4. Continue to take turns, advancing through sides one, two, three, and four on each turn.
    5. Once you've scored each hole on the fourth side, you must score one ball through the top of the tower.
    6. The first player to score through the top of the tower is the winner - but the losers have one chance at redemption. They get one more chance to advance as far as they can without missing.
    7. If players finish on the same turn and pass redemption, there is a sudden death round. Taking turns, the remaining players take shots at the top hole. The first player to score in the top hole on a turn is the winner. Remember, both teams or players get to take a turn.

    This version of TowerBall rewards accuracy more than anything, giving you the opportunity to speed your way through the tower with your wildly accurate throws.

    How to Play TowerBall H-O-R-S-E

    The final way to play TowerBall is by giving trick shots to the MainStage with H-O-R-S-E. The best part about this rendition of the game is that it really allows you to explore the playing space's unique features and elements to create games that change in every new environment you play in.

    1. Players take turns "calling the shot." For example, you could say: "From next to this tree, through the bottom hole of side four."
    2. The player calling the shot also has the opportunity to determine the number of attempts each player gets, between one and four but never more than four.
    3. If one or more players make the called shot in the number of allowed attempts, then each player who did not make the called shot receives a penalty - an additional letter.
    4. Players receive the letters that spell the word horse in order, making five total misses before you have completed your H-O-R-S-E.
    5. The last player to survive elimination is crowned the winner.
    Four Friends playing Tower Toss Game In a Grassy FieldThe best part about H-O-R-S-E with TowerBall is it allows you to get really creative. You can include the backyard pool in your game, or even a playground. Feel free to spice up the game - each new location offers opportunities that are unique.

    How to Breakdown TowerBall

    Once you're done playing, it's time to break down the Tower and pack it away in the backpack carrying case. In case you find breaking down the TowerBall tower difficult, here is a step-by-step guide to help you make it happen quickly and easily.

    1. Carefully, one panel at a time, disconnect the male and female ends of the panel by pushing one panel up and the other down. The panels with handles will be pushed down, and the panels without handles must be pushed up.
    2. Once the panels are disconnected, you can stack the panels carefully so that the hexagonal interiors are facing each other. This will give you two-panel sandwiches, with all exterior facing sides and the exterior sides of the panels.
    3. Slide the panels and the balls into the backpack carrying case and zip it shut for easy transportation.

    It really is that quick and simple to get the game and put it away. This makes it great for parents and kids alike who will like the easy cleanup!

    Large Group Of Friends Playing Tower Toss Game Together In a Large Field

    TowerBall FAQs

    Before we end, here are a few common FAQs you may still have!

    How Many Players Do You Need To Play TowerBall? 

    You need at least two people to play, and having teams of two on two is common, but you can play with as many as you'd like! That being said, we tend to cap it at 16.

    Can You Play TowerBall Indoors?

    Yes! TowerBall is an indoor and outdoor safe game.

    Should You Throw Underhand or Overhand?

    You can throw either underhand or overhand, whatever is most comfortable and accurate.

    How Much Does TowerBall Weigh?

    The TowerBall tower is about fifteen bounds. Altogether in the backpack with the balls, the game weighs in at around eighteen pounds.

    Beginners Guide To TowerBall: Takeaways

    TowerBall is one of our absolute favorite games; by this point, we're sure you understand why. With the incredible flexibility and fun of the game, there is a lot to be excited about!

    The TowerBall Bundle comes with everything you need to play the game - the tower, the balls, and the carrying case for storage and travel. Setup is a breeze and should only take a minute or two if you follow our guide.

    When playing, you have at least three options at your fingertips for different rule variations to give you a challenging and thrilling game every time. Switching between rules can be a great way to keep things interesting game after game for endless fun.

    But the best part about TowerBall is that you, your friends, and your kids will be able to engage in active play without even realizing it. TowerBall is fun and active and play is ingrained in the game so try out your TowerBall Bundle today and discover the fun!


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