Three Yard Games for Weddings & Outdoor Receptions

Looking for a unique twist to add to your party? We’ve got you! Check out the best three yard games for wedding and outdoor receptions.
Three Yard Games for Weddings & Outdoor Receptions

There are few events that are as exciting and full of joy as weddings. Celebrating the eternal love of friends and family is always fun and rewarding. Plus, who doesn’t love free dinner and a bar, along with good music and a dance floor?

Having a great wedding all comes down to one thing and one thing only — making sure your guests are having a great time! Weddings can be long days that span from the ceremony to the reception and into the evening; your guests are dedicating a lot of time (and money) to being at your wedding. The least you can do is make sure they’re having fun.

One of the best ways to do this is to have some yard games to play at outdoor weddings and receptions. Not all yard games are created equal, however.

Here are three of the top yard games for your outdoor wedding and reception:

Why Yard Games?

Friends playing TowerBall, a Four-Sided, 360 Degree Toss game that combines cornhole and darts

Yard games are fun, allow for fierce and friendly competition, and can be enjoyable for people of all ages and skill sets. But most of all, yard games can foster a sense of play at your wedding. 

Your wedding deserves to be, above all things, a celebration of family and friends. This is best done when everyone can be connected, in person, with shared goals, and in physical interaction. Play isn’t just about games; it’s about a state of mind which allows for fun, freedom, and childlike joy.

Beyond that — yard games are simply a good time. Everyone loves a good game, and yard games are perfect for people of all ages to have fun together. Trust us: Yard games can make your wedding a hit!

The Three Best Yard Games for Your Outdoor Wedding or Reception

On this list, you will find a collection of our favorite outdoor and indoor games that your wedding guests will love. From classics to adventurous new games, there’s something for everyone to enjoy, from the flower girl to the father of the bride. 

#1) TowerBall

Group of friends playing Towerball, the yard game perfect for parties, weddings & tailgates

First up on our list is a Caliber Games original that is taking the yard games world by storm — TowerBall! TowerBall combines all of the fun of backyard toss games with 360-degree gameplay and several unique and fun ways to play.

The TowerBall Bundle includes the collapsible four-sided tower, eight hackey-style balls, and a carrying case for storage and portability. This is everything you need to play TowerBall whenever and wherever you are. 

The concept of the game is simple: The tower has four sides, each featuring holes of varying number and size, from one large hole to four small holes. This gives you four levels of difficulty that virtually no other yard game offers, so the competition increases with each round.

How To Play TowerBall:

  1. Decide who will go first. Each team will get to toss four balls per round. You will start by taking three steps away from the first side, with one large hole in the middle.

  2. Each team or player then tosses their four mesh balls at side one, scoring one point for each ball that goes through the hole. Then, the next team goes, tossing their four balls at side one. 

  3. After you have calculated the scores, collect your balls and walk around the tower to side two. Alternatively, you can rotate the tower 90 degrees if your playing space is limited. Now, each team tosses again (with the team in the lead tossing first), this time scoring two points for each ball scored through either smaller hole. 

  4. This alternates back and forth across sides until you have completed each side. Every round scoring a point is worth one additional point. (On side three, each ball is worth three points, and on side four, each ball is worth four points.)

  5. The player or team with the highest score at the end of the game wins. If there is a tie, there is a sudden death round on side four. The first player or team to score on a round wearing the opposing team does not win. 

Young or old, tall or short, TowerBall is pure for everyone. Check out the TowerBall game guide here for all the info you need regarding setup, rules, and FAQs. 

#2) Cornhole

Cornhole is the perfect yard game to include on your wedding day

There is one yard game that stands above all the rest, and that is Cornhole. If you've been to a tailgate, barbecue, graduation party, or family reunion in the last two decades, then you are probably familiar with cornholes too. 

How To Play Cornhole

  1. First, set up your cornhole boards so that the boards are 15 feet apart. You can adjust the distance based on the available playing space and the players' skill and ability. 

  2. You can play one-on-one or in a team of two, but decide on one team or player to start first. That player who goes first will toss their first bean bag at the opponent's board, followed by the next team tossing their first bag. 

  3. Players one and two will alternate tossing bags until all four bags have been tossed. Then, you score the round. You score three points for each bean bag that goes through the hole in the board and one point for each bean bag remaining on the board. Bags that are knocked off during the round do not count. 

  4. Now, subtract the bigger score from the smaller score, and award the difference to the winning team or player. Then, if only playing with two players, go to the other side, and play round two. If playing in teams, your teammate will be at the other board to shoot for round two.

  5. The first team to reach a score of 21 is the winner, but you must win by at least two points. Play continues until one team has a lead of two points after scoring 21 until a winner is declared.

Cornhole is simple to learn but challenging to master, and it can lead to endless friendly competition that your friends and family will love. Our Caliber Games Cornhole Boards Bundle includes everything you need to play, including two boards, bean bags, and convenient storage and carrying case for easy storage. 

#3) Island Shot

Island Shot is one of Three Yard Games for Weddings & Outdoor Receptions

Last but not least, we have a game that will be perfect for kids and younger guests at your wedding who can always use some extra entertainment. Some yard games are just too big for some toddlers to manage. That’s why Island Shot is another Caliber Games original designed to scale down and simplify the game of cornhole so that it's the perfect size and challenge for people of any age to enjoy. 

How To Play Island Shot:

  1. Set up the collapsible island board in the center of your playing space, and separate the white and brown bean bags for the different teams or players.

  2. Decide which player will toss first, and then that player picks the first tossing location by taking three steps away from the island in the direction of their choosing. Then they will toss their three bean bags consecutively at the island. You score one point for each bean bag that goes through the center hole and three points for each bag that remains on the island for the entire round.

  3. After the first player tosses their three bags, player two tosses their bags. They can knock off players' bags in order to prevent them from scoring points. Each team tallies their score at the end of the round. The player in the lead gets to select the new tossing location. The new location can be anywhere on the predetermined playing field, which can be determined by age and skill.

  4. Rounds continue until one player scores exactly nine points. If any player finishes a round with more than nine points, they begin the next round at six points. If both players end with nine points, there is a sudden death round, and the highest score wins. 

Island shot is super fun for kids or adults of all ages. Island shot gives younger kids a game their size while still giving you and your friends a challenge.

Big Games for Your Big Day

While we have highlighted three of our favorite yard games that we think are perfect for weddings, any of our yard games will be a fun fit for your outdoor receptions and weddings. From golf-themed games to giant board games and other fun options, we have yard games that everyone will enjoy.

You can check out our entire collection of games here. We also have a collection of game guides for easy setup, rules, and FAQs about any of the games we have here at Caliber Games. And don’t forget to stay up to date with our blog for more fun lists like this!



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