Caliber Games 2022 Review

Let’s recap our biggest milestones throughout our first full year in business as Caliber Games. Our 2022 review includes new game releases, retail partnerships, and friends in our community.

Caliber Games 2022 Review

What a Year! Looking Back at 2022...

It’s hard to believe 2022 was our first full year in business. And man did we get after it. We brought TowerBall to its first retail stores, launched new products, and created TONS of content. Let’s recap our biggest milestones throughout the past year.

Caliber Games stickers

The Caliber Games Brand

In the spring, only a few months after launching our first successful product, TowerBall, we re-introduced ourselves as Caliber Games. We put lots of heart, soul, and time into the message, values, and community we wanted to share with the world. It’s been amazing to watch people respond and join us in our mission to bring more relaxed play into our families and friendships.

DICK’S Sporting Goods

We selected DICK’S Sporting Goods are our first in-store retailer, and partnered with them for a successful pilot release of TowerBall in select stores.

Island Shot & HOKU

We launched these two original games this year and saw them get played by hundreds of families around the country. Island Shot is a premium, weatherproof, ultra-portable, kid-friendly take on Cornhole, and HOKU is a more portable, stylish riff on horseshoes. Check out the links below to learn more.

Caliber Classics

We also introduced the Caliber Games brand of the classic lawn game faves: Cornhole, Ladder Toss, and Timber Tower XL. These premium game bundles sport the Caliber Games branding and include all the components you need for classic backyard fun.

Brands You Love

We added 10 new products from other trusted brands in the social game world, and we’re nearly sold out of all them! You can still order crowd favorites PutterBall and Bottle Bash while supplies last. In the first few weeks of 2023, we’ll be making decisions about which of these brands to restock. If you have suggestions of games you’d like to see available in our store, let us know here.

Over 7,000 Games Sold

Caliber Games delivered play to thousands of families across the country, with our five top sellers being:

  1. TowerBall
  2. Island Shot
  3. HOKU
  4. Timber Tower XL
  5. Ladder Toss
Caliber Games TikTok Channel

So. Much. Content.

Between our TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn, we posted HUNDREDS of videos with game reviews, tips and tricks, and how to play content. We also built out our Caliber Games Blog with over 40 articles offering helpful resources for game lovers.

What’s Ahead for 2023

If you read any of the above, it’s probably plain to see we worked HARD in 2022. Everything we accomplished was done with our little team that ranged from 2-4 people. We’re really proud of our progress, but to be honest it left with very little margin to relax and enjoy the people we love.

In 2023, we want to get better at taking our own advice to work a little less, and play a lot more. This year, instead of focusing on continued growth, we want to drill deeper into what we’ve already created while leaving room to practice what we preach and enjoy life. Here are a few things to look for from Caliber Games in the coming year.

Nationwide Retail With DICK’S Sporting Goods

After our successful pilot release of TowerBall at DICK’S Sporting Goods, we’re expanding into nationwide stores! We’re proud to be partnering with an industry leader that understands the value of premium game products like TowerBall that families can enjoy for years. Look for TowerBall on shelves at your local DICK’S starting in Spring 2023.

TowerBall Box from Caliber Games

New TowerBall Box

We took the upcoming expansion into nationwide retail as an opportunity to revamp the TowerBall packaging. We’re excited to present this new and improved box that reflects the energetic fun and premium quality of our flagship product.

Have More Fun!

Last year we had to focus on setting up structures and systems we could rely on for years. This was important, but not the most fun work. We like to analogize it to setting up a soccer field. Before you can play, you have to mow the grass, draw the lines on the field, and build the goals. It takes some work to set everything up, but once everything is ready there’s lots of fun to be had.

We look forward to participating in more events, meeting more of our community, and creating more fun content in 2023. If you have ideas on how we can collaborate or support the play in your life, please reach out here anytime!

Big Thanks

Starting a business is really hard work. We can’t overstate the patience and perserverance it takes to start and grow a new product company. But hearing stories, reading reviews and social media comments, seeing some of your faces when you play one of our games really does motivate us to keep up the good work. It was pretty amazing on Christmas morning thinking of the thousands of families opening a Caliber Games box and bonding with people they love over a game.

If you haven’t yet, pretty please do just one of these things that give us the little boosts

Thanks again for keeping up with our journey and making us part of yours. We wish you all the best in 2023.

The Caliber Games Team