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TowerBall Features

2-16 Players

Easy to Learn

All Ages

360° Gameplay

Stow & Go

All Weather

Fun in the Sun

Tower panels, balls, and carry case are all 100% weatherproof. Play in rain, snow, or summertime sunshine.

Phone Off. Game On.

Cut down on screentime and create more fun, playful moments with family and friends.

Play TowerBall Indoors or Outdoors

Play Indoors!

Beat the heat by playing TowerBall™ indoors with soft-touch balls and safe, collapsible materials.

Built to Last

High-quality materials and pyramid structure offers unmatched durability.

Backpack Included

Complimentary backpack and collapsible panels make transportation and storage a breeze.

FREE Shipping

Every TowerBall™ set order ships within 1-2 days with UPS Ground shipping.

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