Texas State Brand Ambassador

Caliber Games College Ambassador Program

Our mission is to strengthen the San Marcos community through facilitating social, outdoor play experiences. You can learn more about our company values on our about page! We believe in working less and playing more, and we want YOU to help us spread that ethos around the Texas State campus and the surrounding area.

The Basics

  • Base Pay: $12/hr
  • Bonus Pay: based on sales performance and bonus achievements
  • Time Commitment: 5+ hours/week
  • Perks: Free game products and merch
  • Key responsibilities: planning events, marketing products, social media
  • Applications due by 9/3/22

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College ambassadors playing TowerBall | Caliber Games
College ambassadors by the pool | Caliber Games

Ambassador Responsibilities

Ambassadors will earn a base pay of $12/hr for various tasks. With some drive and the right strategy, they can earn thousands more per semester from performance-based bonuses and commissions. Some money-making responsibilities/opportunities may be:
  • Posting on social media monthly
  • Run creative guerilla marketing campaigns to promote our products and events
  • Man interactive booths or pop-up events on or around campus
  • Facilitate yard game tournaments and other special events that promote casual outdoor competition!
  • Find events to partner with or sponsor through offering our games as product giveaways
  • Earn commission through selling games (online or in-person) to individuals or organizations.
  • Run a rental service
  • Creating graphics to promote products and events

Payment & Perks (What do I get out of this?)

  • $12/hr base pay for events
  • 20% commission for all product sales and rentals
  • More opportunities for extra pay/prizes (posts, flyers etc.)
  • Exclusive friends and families discount codes
  • Free sample products and brand merch
  • Opportunities to network and build professional relationships
  • Experience in sales and marketing
  • Throw parties, make money, have fun!
College ambassadors playing in the backyard | Caliber Games
College ambassadors playing at the pool | Caliber Games

What we want in our ambassadors

  • We are looking for driven students who want to spread positivity at their school and aren't afraid to get creative to do so. We LOVE creativity and passion!
  • We want someone who is involved in their community or school and has experience with leadership.
  • We want someone who shares and upholds our values of having active bodies, peaceful minds and open hearts <3.
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What we want our ambassadors to gain

  • We want to make this program a good balance of work and play so we hope you will make some meaningful memories and relationships through the process.
  • You will have the opportunity to learn lots about marketing and sales and to gain valuable experience in leadership and event management. You will also be in the position to learn a lot about yourself. You may even find a new skill!
  • Overall, we just want to give some¬†special college students a great opportunity to have fun, gain experience, and get paid doing so.

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