About Caliber Games


Nice to meet you.

We are Caliber Games, and we’re all about helping families and friends play together. Want to know more? Read on.


Our mission is to strengthen families by facilitating shared, in-person play experiences.

Caliber Games Mission

Phone Off. Game On.

We like technology. We really do. It helps us do amazing things (like run this awesome business).

But at some point in the past 10 years, it’s started to feel like our phones own us, not the other way around.

It’s hard to connect with the people around us in real life when our eyes are glued to screens all the time.

Our games are made to help people unplug from the digital world and tune into the relationships right in front of us.

Made for Play.

Play is more than an action. It’s a state of mind that occurs when we find presence and flow in an activity that delights us.

Play is a powerful force that awakens our childhood selves and empowers us to learn, grow, and connect to the people and nature around us.

Our games are obviously made for play, but so are you! We believe humans were made for play — that play is the state of mind where we find joy in life and understand our true selves.


Work a little less.
Play a lot more.

Caliber Games Values

Work / Play Balance

A healthy life needs a healthy balance of work and play. Worthwhile work is whatever is required to preserve and protect our ability to play.

Don’t get us wrong, we love hard work too. But we do it because we know that good work creates the space for good play.

Active Bodies

The play state can activate our bodies organically without the burden of anxieties surrounding body image or athletic performance.

Peaceful Minds

The play state naturally relieves our minds of past regrets and future worries. It gives us peace and keeps us in the present.

Open Hearts

The play state enables vulnerability that opens us up to collaboration and healthy competition with others. These exchanges bond us to the family and friends we play with.


Everything to this point has taught us to just enjoy the journey and the people we share it with.

Caliber Games Founders, Alex Carroll and Kelsey Carroll
Caliber Games Founders, Alex Carroll, Kelsey Carroll Georgetown University

How It Started

The year was 2011. We were college sweethearts and former D1 athletes living in Austin, TX looking for something to fill the competitive void left after ending our college athletic careers.

From cornhole to bocce, spikeball, and more, this is where our obsession with backyard games began.

Toss Up Events Founders, Alex Carroll, Kelsey Carroll

Going Big

In 2016, we had an idea to merge our love of backyard games with our experience in marketing and passion for professional sports.

Our company, Toss Up Events, designed and operated unique fan experiences at major sporting events across the country, partnering with brands like Dr. Pepper, General Mills, Procter & Gamble to create larger-than-life toss games.

Stand Up Stations Founders, Alex Carroll, Kelsey Carroll

Going Home

When the COVID pandemic hit in March of 2020 and abruptly cancelled all in-person events, we thought, “how can we box up that competitive community experience for people to enjoy at home?”

Side note: While we noodled on that idea, we stayed busy by starting a surprisingly successful hand sanitizer station business, which grossed over $15 Million in sales through the end of 2020. More on that here.

Stand Up Stations Founders, Alex Carroll, Kelsey Carroll
TowerBall - the next classic backyard game

Shooting Our Shot

Ready to move on from hand sanitizer and get back to our true passion, we dove back into creating our own original yard game.

With the help of our two toddlers, we started tinkering in our backyard with cardboard cutouts, created multiple iterations, and built several prototypes.

The end result was TowerBall, a four-sided, 360-degree toss game that’s perfect for casual competition.

But TowerBall was just the beginning. Now, we’re creating a catalog of both classic and original games that foster shared in-person play experiences between loved ones.

It’s been an amazing ride, and we can’t wait to see where it takes our family (and yours)!


We work hard so you can play easy.

TowerBall backyard game with balls in grass

Giving Our Best

As a family business with unmatched expertise in group games, we’re passionate about using play to strengthen families and friendships.

We promise to do our very best to provide quality game products and premium customer experiences at affordable prices.

Everyone Misses Sometimes

We aim to make every Caliber Games experience perfect. That said, everyone makes mistakes, and there’s always room to improve.

If we fall short somewhere along the way, we want to fix it. Feel free to reach out to our support team anytime.