Five Summer Camping Games for Families

Five Summer Camping Games for Families

Camping is one of the most fun activities that summer weather allows for. There is nothing quite as exciting as spending a few days living life in the great outdoors, connecting with nature, and disconnecting from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

There are many aspects of camping that are awesome, from hiking and the great views, seeing wildlife up close, and the serenity of nature. But our favorite part of camping has always been the games.

There are few better times for enjoyable outdoor games than on a camping trip, but having the best games can make a huge difference. Here are five of the best camping games for your family to enjoy this summer.

What Makes a Great Game?

We strongly believe that the best games are built on one thing and one thing only - activating the play state. When you are engaged in active play and can disengage from technology, work, and stress, you can heal and rest through play.

There are real benefits to playing for children and adults, and a few things make active play. 

  1. First, it must be physical. 
  2. Second, it has to be able to keep you engaged in the game the whole time it is in progress; games where you feel distracted aren't very fun. 
  3. Lastly, a great game should open you to vulnerability, healthy competition, and collaboration.

Games that have all three of these elements are what we look for here at Caliber Games and what we strive to put into every game we create. It should also be your driving force in selecting games for your family.

The Five Best Camping Games for Your Family

With these games, your camping trips will be full of hours of fun and play! Here's a look at the five best camping games for your family.

  1. The Backyard Golf Game
  2. Chippo
  3. Giant 4-in-a-Row
  4. HOKU
  5. TowerBall

1. The Backyard Golf Game

If you are at a campsite with a good amount of open space to play around, then The Backyard Golf Game will be the perfect cam for you and the family. The Backyard Golf Game is simple; it comes with a collection of rings of diameters, which are targets. Place them in your field, and then use them as targets for chipping or driving practice.

Family Playing The Backyard Golf Game In Their Yard

You can place the rings inside of each other into a traditional target shape or place different-sized targets at different locations in your play space. You can also develop your own rules to create different games and ways to play as creatively as you want.

The Backyard Golf Game is not just for golfers; it's fun no matter your golf experience level. Give it a try, and you'll understand why it's one of our favorites and why it might soon be one of yours too.

2. Chippo

If you like golfing and want to work on your short game, then Chippo is the perfect game to bring on your next camping trip. Chippo combines the fun and competition of cornhole with chipping, creating a fun game whether you are a golfer or not.


Two Men Playing Chippo In a Large Grass Field

Chippo comes with two turf chipping mats, six high-density foam balls, and two Chippo boards coated in turf with one large center hole and two smaller corner holes. The game is played like cornhole, except you are chipping golf balls rather than tossing bean bags!

You get one point for hitting the board, three points for getting the ball to the center hole, and five points for either of the corner holes. Chippo is fast-paced and fun and will have you chipping better than you ever have in your life.

Chippo can be played indoors or outdoors thanks to the rubber and turf chipping mats and high-density foam balls that won't damage your home. That means wherever you are; you can play Chippo!

Chippo is great for camping because it can use larger amounts of space. Give Chippo a try on your next trip and see how much fun it brings to the party!

3. Giant 4-in-a-Row

You can control many things about a camping trip, but one thing you cannot control is the weather. When the weather worsens, and you need to seek shelter, the best way to pass the time is with great games.

Kid Playing Giant 4 In a Row While Camping

Giant 4-in-a-Row will certainly come in handy when it comes time to head into the tent. This game takes all of the fun of the traditional board game but takes it to epic new proportions, giving you a new way to enjoy a fun classic.

Kids and adults love the simplicity of 4-in-a-Row but can nevertheless find fierce competition in the game. See how intense it gets next time you play your Giant 4-in-a-Row set.


HOKU is another game that is one of our originals, another toss-based match, but this time with a unique twist that rewards accuracy in new and challenging ways. HOKU also unleashes a 360-degree playing space to provide new opportunities for creativity and play. 

Man Playing HOKU In His Yard

The HOKU Bundle includes the HOKU game board, a rubberwood board with several notches around the outside, and six rubberwood throwing stars, which all come in a convenient carrying bag so that you can bring HOKU; with you wherever you go!

The aim is to toss your stars as close to the center of the board as possible. Players alternate choosing locations from which to toss their stars until a winner is crowned.

HOKU is a blast because it rewards accuracy in a way that few other toss-based backyard games do, which you will see adds a new level of challenge to the process. 

With the unique wooden game pieces, there is the opportunity for some very cool and fun shot location choices, which can make the game even more fun when camping.

Be careful when throwing the stars; they are made of wood and can cause injury or damage if thrown at people or objects. Make sure you are only playing HOKU where it is safe.

5. TowerBall

The final camping game in our list that your family is going to love is TowerBall! TowerBall is a game that we created with active play at the front and center. TowerBall is a 360-degree toss game that can be played virtually anywhere, offering nearly unlimited variability and replayability.

Group Of Friends Playing TowerBall In Their Yard

Unlike other toss games, TowerBall has different levels of difficulty as you progress through the game. Each side of the four-sided tower increases in difficulty, starting with one large whole and graduating to more and smaller holes on each side. This rewards laser accuracy and the ability to hit multiple targets.

Because the tower is 360 degrees, you can play in a playing area that goes in every direction if you have the space. There are three ways you can play the game, giving you even more options and additional ways to get from the competition.

Everything you need to play TowerBall comes in our TowerBall Bundle, the tower, eight balls, and the convenient backpack carrying case for portability and storage. There is also a full game guide that you can read for more information on the rules, setup, and teardown.

Camping Games for the Family this Summer: Takeaways

The summer is a great time of year to take the family on a camping trip and enjoy the wonders of nature. There are many fun parts about camping, but one of the most important elements is having some great games to play to pass the time and build connections.

Playing outdoors with family or friends is a brilliant way to unwind your mind, engage your body, and activate your creativity and imagination, no matter who you are. If you choose from any of the games on this list for your next camping trip, you can expect some great memories with your family.

With options as far-ranging as Chippo and Giant 4-in-a-Row, these games cover all of your bases for whatever your camping trip looks like. Our Caliber Games originals, TowerBall, and HOKU are truly spectacular when played in the great outdoors on your camping trip. If you are truly invested in the power of active play, you have to give them a try.

Camping is a great way to spend time with the family and enjoy the outdoors, but it's important to have some great games to play to pass the time. You can't go wrong with any of these amazing options.


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